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‘Unique You’ was a very valuable programme that gave me a great insight into my personality and how it translates to the workplace. It allowed me to realise what my most important values are as a person and therefore what the best work environment is for me going forward. It was a fun programme that I really enjoyed doing and I am now a lot more confident about who I am, what my interests and values are and (most importantly) what I need to look for in a future career.

Nick Cox, Final year Chemistry undergraduate

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‘Re-focus, Re-balance, Re-source’ Spring Weekend Retreat Friday May 11th – Sunday May 13th 2018

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This is a unique opportunity to experience 2 masterful Executive Coaches in one place together with rebalancing yoga in a historic and beautiful venue. Two days for you to step away from the everyday ‘stuff’ and just ‘be’. Time to have a rest, refocus, re-balance, discover, allowing your inner wisdom to come through. For more photos and information of the wonderful venue see

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