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Thanks so much for all your help, additional suggestions of reading materials and great blend of listening to me, common sense reflections and insights from all your experience. It has really helped me to regain my confidence and be a more rounded individual at work.

Change Director, UK Financial Organisation

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Are you a Jackhammer or a Hummingbird?

· filed in: Career development

Being British I had to look up the former as I had no idea. Basically it’s rather like a woodpecker! I’ll come back to this later on. As a Career Coach of some years, I often get clients who are frustrated as they don’t know what they’re going to do workwise. They feel they haven’t got a ‘passion’. They often sense that something is ‘wrong’ as they ought to know what they want to do career-wise. This is even more obvious with those starting out on their careers. They are often asked by well-meaning family or friends ’so what are you going to do now?’ There’s often a huge expectation that they SHOULD know exactly what they want to do. Some people do.

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